Thien Cheong Sdn. Bhd. (TCSB) started as a small manufacturing company, dealing in raw materials and “Ve-Hoe” flavour-enhancer. It also provided services like manufacturing, repacking and distribution of products. The founder, Mr. Foong Chek Lung, personally distributed products from house to house. Such is the personal touch and trust! Business, however small, is still BUSINESS! This principle is ardently practised from the first generation until today.

TCSB continued dealing in raw materials and “Ve-Hoe” flavour-enhancer. In addition, it ventured into food processing of pickles like: mangoes, papayas and turnips (chai por).
The introduction of modern auto-machinery spelt an era of a more systematic, hygienic production in food processing. TCSB now dealt in the processing of anchovies (ikan bilis) and its pioneering best seller - PoPo MURUKU IKAN.

TCSB ventured into the production of specially selected beans, peanuts and continued with the production of its evergreen best-seller – the pioneer PoPo MURUKU IKAN.

This decade, also known as the modernization era, saw TCSB embarking in all aspects on an ‘all-out’ upgrading and modernization exercise.

We see the continual up-grading and maintenance of auto-machines in keeping with the times, always stressing unceasingly on safety and hygiene. With HALAL certification, the selection of raw materials and food production are stringently controlled to ensure that all aspects of safety and the production of high quality products are strictly upheld and never compromised.